Thumbnails - March 2010

March 2010
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Sanguine Skies Photo: The coral-filled waters at low tide are colored pink by a setting sun. Smooth Sea Photo: The sailboats and islands that surround Ko Lipe. Oriental Orb Photo: A tourist captures a photo of the setting sun. Ink Impaler Photo: A sharpened stick is repeatedly tapped to tattoo a young backpacker's arm.
Hued Heavens Photo: Two Swedes and a Swiss pose under a fully purple and orange sky. Paddling Pairs Photo: Two boating women approach one another on the back waterways of Dal Lake. Water Dwellings Photo: A Kashmiri man rows past the shaded windows of a houseboat on Dal Lake. White Sand Beach Photo: A footprint and a sand-caked foot on Ko Lipe's Pattaya beach.
Colorful Clown Photo: Clown fish swim among the tentacles of a sea anemone in the crystal clear waters off Ko Lipe. Puffer Photographer Photo: A diptych of underwater marine life around Ko Lipe:  a puffer fish (left) and an intrepid photographer (right). Slimy Cephalopod Photo: A stationary cuttlefish floats with stretched tentacles. Pattaya Beach Panoramas Photo: A user-controlled linked set of 360º panoramas of three locations on Pattaya beach on Ko Lipe.
Veggie Visitors Photo: A young Belgian woman looks out of her boat at the floating vegetable market. Citadel Sunset Photo: Srinagar fort and Dal Lake seen at a distance from Pari Mahal at Sunset. Junior Gypsy Photo: A smiling Chao Leh sea gypsy baby. Blue Overflow Photo: A Thai woman walks sideways while hastily snapping a camera-phone photo.
Water Works Photo: A female Arab tourist walks in front of a fountain at Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). Cloud Chafers (Panorama) Photo: Bottom-up view of one of the Petronas Twin Towers. KLCC Panorama Photo: A user-controlled panorama of the park at the base of the Petronas Towers at KL City Center (KLCC). Drifters Photo: The end nears for the morning floating vegetable market.
Vessel Vocations Photo: A boat-bound vegetable salesman peddles his wares from a shikara (a Kashmiri flat bottom boat). Along Ethnic Lines Photo: An ethnic Malay woman walks in front of a Louis Vuitton store. Specular Photo: On-board entertainment for an Air Asia flight. Dashing Depot Photo: The vaulted ceiling and dome of Antwerp Central Station's waiting room.
Flamboyant Facade Photo: The steps of the waiting room at Antwerp's Centraal Train Station. Slick Sidewalk Photo: Former King's castle, Het Steen (The Stone), reflected in a puddle of rainwater. Life-Giving Photo: A lotus blooms on Dal Lake.  A young Kashmiri girl performs a morning wash on Dal Lake. "Paradise On Earth" Photo: A Kashmiri golfer hits the links.  Youths throw stones at the Indian military.
Hand Heave Photo: City Hall and its famous fountain located at Grote Markt (Great Market). Soaring Spire Photo: The Cathedral of Our Lady. Round Square Photo: Antwerp's Grote Markt square in 360º, user-controlled panorama.  
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