Thumbnails - April 2010

April 2010
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Street Symphony Photo: A street violinist performs outside the entrance of the Cathedral of Our Lady. Cobblestone Streetcar Photo: The tram barrels down Volkstraat's (@Sheldestraat) cobbled street. Ginger Juveniles Photo: A young redheaded Kashmiri girl poses for a portrait. Striking Shopkeeps Photo: A silver and copper goods salesman sits idle on a slow business day.
Dividing Drag Photo: The silhouette of a female Muslim resident of Antwerp. Flamboyant Foal Photo: A pair of Clydesdales pull a tourist carriage across the tram tracks near Groenplaats. Locomotive Lodging Photo: A small bed of flowers brightens up Centraal Station's cavernous train shed. Watering Hole Photo: Two women take an evening stroll on the elevated path connecting Het Steen and a well-housed bistro.
Aged Edifice Photo: A van waits at a three way intersection near Groenplaats and the Cathedral of Our Lady. Islamic Institution Photo: The south entry gate of Jamia Masjid, Srinagar's Main Mosque. Worship Wall Photo: Muslims kneel for prayer in Jamia Masjid's cavernous prayer hall. Warm Within Photo: An older gentleman enjoys tea inside a heated cafe.
House Arrest Photo: A European studio apartment. Curves, Contrast Photo: A tram snakes along an S-curve set of tracks. Comely Carriage Photo: A horse and buggy cart tourists around Vrijdagmarkt Square. Guild House Giddyup Photo: A tourist sightseeing carriage driver poses for a photograph at Grote Markt Square.
Peerless Pile Photo: Children play in the last remaining daylight at Shah-e-Hamdan mosque. Separate and Unequal Photo: Muslim men bow in prayer inside the ornately decorated Shah-e-Hamdan mosque. Innovation In a Flash Photo: A user-controlled panorama of Antwerp's Centraal train station.  (warning: 22.0 MB swf file!!!) Lean Machine Photo: The rear of a Carver One three-wheeled automobile.
Tilted Tabernacle Photo: A tilted view of the Cathedral of Our Lady from the Scheldt River. Movable Type Photo: The driver of a horse and buggy gestures toward the door plaque of the Plantin-Moretus museum. Feed Bucket Photo: A horse is fed by the driver of the tourist buggy in front of the guild houses. Emperor's Escape Photo: Kashmiri women stand in Shalimar Bagh's cascading water fountain.
Bonds Photo: Young Kashmiri gal-pals embrace for a portrait. 26.2 Photo: A marathon runner gestures as he approaches the finish line near Grote Markt. Book Building Photo: The plate of a traditional printing press at the Plantin-Moretus Museum. Home Office Photo: The inner courtyard of the Plantin-Moretus museum.
Rare Reads Photo: A display case holds a treasure in the rare books collection. Antique Archives Photo: Long exposure of the Nottebohmzaal room at the Hendrik Conscience Library.    
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