Thumbnails - May 2010

May 2010
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Tatooine Photo: An older Kashmiri man stops to have his portrait taken. Puckish Pals Photo: A young Kashmiri girl poses for a photo at the entrance to the Shah-e-Hamdan mosque. V.I.P. Only Photo: A man walks past the front entrance Sint Jacobskerk (St. James Church). Labor Day Law Photo: Belgian policemen monitor the May Day parade.
Kathedraal Commons Photo: The Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal) towers over grand place (groenplaats) square. Queasy Cruise Photo: A jumble of tourist attractions including Het Steen and Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal seen from the Scheldt river. Low-Grade Refinement Photo: A barge slowly cruises past an oil refinery on the Scheldt river. Paradise on Earth Photo: A stream flows from the nearby snow-capped mountains.
Sierra Shepherd Photo: A Kashmiri gypsy tends to her grazing herd. Tilted Tower Photo: The belfry at Grote Markt square. Windmill Walkers Photo: Tourists descend down a path after visiting a model windmill. Buggied Out Photo: A tourist horse and buggy glide past the belfry on Grote Markt.
Fittingly Flanders Photo: Bicycles parked outside a traditional brick building. Downtown Dusk Photo: A statue in Grote Markt is backed by the provincial courthouse and belfry. Sunset, Arch, Czech Photo: A Czech backpacker walks through a naturally formed arch at sunset. Cadenced Cadets Photo: Near-identical soldiers walk through a gateway after completing the flag-lowering ceremony on Tienanmen Square.
Saddlebags Photo: Panned photo of a bicyclist in front of Grote Markt's belfry. Freedom Fries Photo: Satisfied customers exit the Friet (fries) Museum. Yes.  A french fry museum. Canal Crossing Photo: A horse and buggy carry tourists over a canal near the Begijnhof. Subtle Spotlights Photo: A canal reflects the facades of beautiful traditional buildings.
1614 | 1608 Photo: A canal reflects a bridge and traditional buildings in the historic center of Bruges. Li'l Luggage Photo: A grandmother carries a baby in a traditional wooden baby carrier. Downtown Digger Photo: A street earwax-removal technician carefully extracts the contents of a patient's ear. Tinted Tomb Photo: The Taj Mahal reflected in a pool of water at Sunset (archived photo).
Beautiful Dawn Photo: An empty Taj Mahal absorbs orange sunrise colors.  (Archived photo published due to lack of time.) Fiery Fantasy Photo: The Taj Mahal reflected in a fountain at sunrise.  (From the archives due to time constraints) A Mahal Morning Photo: A lone tree accompanies the Taj Mahal at sunrise.  (From the archives due to time restraints.) Glossy Ground Photo: The Taj Mahal at sunrise is seen through the doors of the Jawab. (From the archives, due to time restraints.)
Waterfront Taj Photo: The Taj Mahal at sunrise bordering the south bank of the Jamuna river.  (From the archives due to time restraints.) Juxtaposed Jawab Photo: An empty Taj Mahal and its neighboring building, the Jawab, at sunrise.  (From the archives, due to time restraints.) Taj Digital Gardening Photo: A distant view of the Taj Mahal at sunrise reflected in the first of two fountains. (From the archives due to time restraints.)  
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