Thumbnails - February 2010

February 2010
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Les Fins Photo: A French woman awaits the end of another beautiful day on a Thai island. The Throw Photo: A Spanish couple enjoys an evening of drinks overlooking the ocean. Table for Two Photo: A "table" at a beach bar seats two. Bow Photo: Ribbons tied to the bow of a longtail boat.
Ribbons Photo: Colorful ribbons hang off the bows of longtail boats. Shutterbugs Photo: A Chinese woman strikes an atypical stance to capture a low subject. Off-Roading Photo: A high-heeled woman expertly navigates a typical unpaved Indian road. Buoy Friend Photo: A French woman floats amongst the coral at low-tide.
Connected Cottage Photo: Vacationers use wifi on the beach to video chat with friends at home. Low Life Photo: Corals seen through clear ocean water at low tide. Glutton's Grub Photo: Phad ka prao gai: Spicy basil leaf chicken with deep-fried egg, a blindingly spicy staple in Thai cuisine. Bedecked Boxes Photo: An ornamental mailbox outside a postcard store called "Friend Tour".
Bedazzled Photo: An Indian woman helps adjust her sister's hair. Perfect Dip Photo: The sun sets perfectly into the ocean. Letter Box Photo: A young Swedish girl takes a morning walk holding a delicious and possibly hot beverage. Wooded Photo: Vacationers walk the beach at sunset.
Bed of Thread Photo: The knotted end of a hammock. Stubbly Stumps Photo: Deceptively painful knobs protrude from a local tree species. Sand Dunes Photo: A longtail boat waits grounded on a richly textured sea floor. Fluid Reflection Photo: A reflection of a Kashmiri man standing on his boat.
Auto Pilot Photo: A boatman deftly steers through the hordes of vegetable-mongers at the floating market. Transparent Photo: The municipal swimming pool on tiny Ko Lipe (island). Stoned Photo: A snorkeler maneuvers around a small set of rocky outcroppings. 'Round the Island Photo: A small wave crashes on boulders on shore.
Water World Photo: Looking south to north onto Ko Lipe's Pattaya Beach in full 360º panorama. (Please be patient.  The panorama is approximately 6MB worth of download.) Sand's Edge Photo: A vacationing family packs up after the sunset on Mountain Resort's beach. Chromosomally Deficient Photo: A lone female vegetable shopper browses the boats' selections at the floating vegetable market. Belligerent Boatmen Photo: A Kashmiri woman is physically barred from boating away at the floating vegetable market.
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