Thumbnails - January 2010

January 2010
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Taj Mahal Marble Platform Photo: A panorama of the northeast corner of the Taj Mahal as seen from the raised marble platform. Barrier's Bounds Photo: The moon sets over the far western end of the Great Wall of China. Colonial Course Photo: A beautifully paved road in the historic part of Vigan. Taj Mahal Center Fountain Photo: A panorama of the Taj Mahal taken from the center fountain on the walkway to the mausoleum.
Beauty's Bowels Photo: A mother and child walk past a large lattice window inside the Taj Mahal mausoleum. Bright Lights Little City Photo: Night lights of the city of Jaisalmer and its fort. Merchant's Mansions Photo: The front facade of the Nathmal-Ki-Haveli home. Rajasthani Ramblers Photo: Traditionally dressed Rajasthani folk walk through Jaisalmer's bazaar.
Blooming Bicycle Photo: A flower-decorated cycle rickshaw rolls down a poorly paved road in Kathmandu. Grapplers Photo: Simultaneous wrestling matches in session at the Nadaam Festival in Ulaan Baatar. Well Grounded Photo: A boy and his goat put the finishing touches on homework before the start of school. Waves Of Grain Photo: A patterned sand dune in the desert near Khuri.
Village Life Photo: Mother and daughter balance pots on their heads to collect water at the village water tank. Herders Photo: Tiny shoe-less goat herders tend to their flock. Blue City & Sky Photo: The Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur as seen from a rooftop restaurant. By The Bay Photo: A sailboat in the choppy waters of Marin County.
Cruisin' Photo: A docked Carnival Cruise ship is ready to embark on a 5 day tour through the Inside Passage. Market Angels Photo: Halo-adorned Rajasthani women shop for vegetables at the main market. Petite Princess Photo: A gorgeous young Indian girl poses for a portrait. Marital Status Photo: Traditional Rajasthani women display their upper armlets.
Turbans & Kurtas Photo: A ruggedly handsome, turban-clad Rajasthani man. Saree Vendor Photo: A saree seller in the market eyes me suspiciously. Camel Jockeys Photo: Chinese tourists take double-humped camels out for a spin around the Singing Sand Dunes of Dunhuang. Dipping Disk Photo: A German friend watches another perfect sunset in Bali.
Showcase Photo: A 360º panorama of RmKV's silk saree showroom in Chennai. Strings Attached Photo: A saree weaver is seen through the white strings of a handloom. Gold Code Photo: A shuttle rests on an unfinished silk saree. Handloom Pano Photo: The fancy silk saree showroom at RmKV Tirunelveli's super-store.
Rockets Red Glare Photo: New Year's Eve Fireworks commence at the Petronas Towers.  Visible in the distance is the Menara KL, a communications tower cum tourist attraction. Chow Photo: A montage of a variety of Chinese food. Regional Headline Photo: A Muslim shopkeep poses among her headscarves.  
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