Thumbnails - December 2009

December 2009
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Roti-Powered Photo: A cycle rickshaw driver offers a quick glance in busy downtown traffic. Downtown Traffic Photo: An elephant causes a slight stir on the streets of Delhi. Snack Salesmen Photo: The pani puri snack vendor strikes a glamorous pose near the spotlights of India Gate, a famous Delhi landmark. Down On His Luck Photo: A tired Muslim beggar sifts through his equally tired and broken bag at the south entrance of Jama Masjid.
Rainy Day Blues (& Pinks) Photo: A Muslim woman remains dry during a typical Malaysian downpour. Beauty & the Beach Photo: Legs and sea reflected in a British girl's sunglasses. Moonrise Sunset Photo: The rising moon is visible between the legs of India Gate. Smoky Morning Photo: The Red Fort's south wall pictured from a distance.
Spousal Sepulchre Photo: The Ali Isa Khan Niazi tomb located within the Humanyun's Tomb complex. Local Residents Photo: Residents of Mathura saunter by an ancient edifice. Devotees Photo: Pilgrims, grandfather and grandson, pose for a picture on the ghats of the holy Jamuna river. Hairy Herd Photo: A caravan of domesticated bactrian camels roams the Gobi desert.
Board Broads Photo: A pair of surfers chat while waiting for a wave. Indian Style Photo: A store owner sits cross-legged in the cramped quarters of his jewelry store. Pot Head Photo: A man dressed as a woman stands amid cycle traffic. Seller's Market Photo: A vegetable market and local mosque in the bazaar.
Metal Worker Photo: A young boy takes a break from repeatedly lifting and dropping a set of chains. Tour de Mathura Photo: A short time-lapsed tour on the back of a cycle rickshaw. Paper Balls Photo: A Thai student passes an ornamental red lantern that decorates the walkway at the Paragon Mall. Leather Loop Photo: A Nepali salesman is encircled by a ring of women's handbags.
Capitol Blunder Photo: The grand south entrance of Fatehpur Sikri's Jama Masjid. Capacious Courtyard Photo: Jama Masjid's courtyard seen from an arched walkway. Daily Duties Photo: A young Muslim man receives advice in the prayer hall at Jama Masjid. Window Dressing Photo: A Muslim woman walks in front of an intricately carved lattice window.
Center Court Photo: Panorama of Jama Masjid Courtyard. White Rock Photo: Four Rajasthani tourists enter the main gate at the Taj Mahal. Inside Outside Photo: A young lady reads on a park bench at the Taj Mahal. Classic Taj Photo: The Taj Mahal mirrored by a water fountain's reflection.
Watery Rear Photo: The rear of the Taj Mahal seen from a boat on the Jamuna River. Taj Mahal South East Photo: A user controlled panorama of the south-east corner of the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal North East Photo: A panorama of the northeast corner of the Taj Mahal overlooking the Jamuna River.  
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