Thumbnails - November 2009

November 2009
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River Request Photo: A Brahman priest recites morning prayers (puja) to mother Ganga. Mountain Request Photo: An ethnic Tibetan woman rises after kneeling to pray to holy Meili Snow Mountain. Best Medicine Photo: Classmates laugh when a camera is pointed in their direction. Frugal Travelers Photo: Korean backpacker, Sung Jeh, sews a new bag from scratch in front of his $3/night hut.
Shared Glance Photo: A Thai woman waits for her bus. Soft Focus Photo: A Tuk-Tuk, a Thai three-wheeler taxi, in traffic. Smoggy Ceremonies Photo: A bride stands for photos on a footbridge over the Li River. Warm Thoughts Photo: An island off the coast of East Timor's capitol, Dili.
Red Thread Photo: Cute Chinese tourist in a red handkerchief top and skirt. The Wally Photo: A store owner's colorful decorations flicker on a night of Diwali.  (I can't believe I just had to verify the spelling of 'flicker' as opposed to 'flickr'.  Damn you, information superhighway for ruining my ability to spell!) <i>Pulao</i> Piers Photo: A pier at dusk leading to a resort's reception desk. Head Piece Photo: Traditional Tibetans with unique head ornamentation walk the Barkhor.
Braided Photo: A Tibetan woman's intricately braided hair. High Life Photo: Another perfect day for a swim in Bangkok. Varanasi Vessels Photo: Hindu pilgrims prepare for a dawn boat ride on the Ganges river. Cloudy Landscape Photo: A lovely rustic village lies at the end of the rainbow.
Dark Countenance Photo: A langur's lunch is interrupted. Sacred Sandstone Photo: A Muslim man walks out the east entrance of Delhi's Jama Masjid (Main Mosque). Holy Hall Photo: The cavernous entrance to Jama Masjid'sprayer hall is flanked by minarets. West To Mecca Photo: India's largest mosque, Jama Masjid in 360 degree panorama!
Chubs Photo: A puppy investigates a pair of baby shoes. Ghetto Dragon Cruise Photo: A British national, Chris, sits on the bow of our chartered boat. Ambling Amputee Photo: An armless man walks on the center median of a main road in old Delhi. Short Haul Photo: A homeless day-laborer sleeps on his cart/makeshift bed.
Indian Flapjacks Photo: A cook whips up a batch of paranthas, a flat bread that goes perfect with curry. The Short Rickshaw Photo: A gaggle of elementary school girls pile into a cycle rickshaw to get their learn on. Door To Door Sharpener Photo: A Delhi man uses his ingeniously rigged bicycle to sharpen knives from restaurant to restaurant. Khmer Cocina Photo: A Mexican burrito in the middle of Angkor Wat.
Dusty Dash Photo: The home stretch of the horse racing portion of the Nadaam Festival. Grandiose Grave Photo: A morning stroller walks around Humanyun's Tomb, resting place of India's 2nd Mughal emperor.    
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