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August 2009
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Hair Ornament Photo: Tibetan woman marching around the Barkhor, Lhasa's religious heart. Towers Photo: The Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Marin, looking towards San Francisco. Hitch Photo: A monk bums a ride.  Cambodian and Thai monks are forbidden to drive hence the free rides and special monk-only areas on public transportation. Chinese Garden Photo: The Master of Nets garden.  Wealthy merchants in Suzhou established large, well-manicured properties that are now open to the public.
Top Cloud Photo: A cloud refracts the sunset making it appear uniquely rainbow colored. Snowcaps Photo: The Himalayas of Tibet. Dig & Scoop Photo: A local man fishes for change at the bottom of the Ganges river. Toss & Reel Photo: A local boy fishes for change using a magnet and rope.
Pink on Pink Photo: Young Miao ethnic minority dancers apply makeup before a performance. Tan Cliff Photo: A natural rock bridge is reflected in a shallow pool of seawater. Two Towers Photo: Roofs & Wall at Besakih Temple, a major Hindu temple complex in Bali. Ocean & Himalayas Photo: An ocean of clouds envelops the valley below Bandipur.
Rifleman (Miao Minority I) Photo: A Miao ethnic minority man loads his rifle for demonstration.  Even in present times, Miao men are always armed with a weapon. Laughs (Miao Minority II) Photo: Miao minority girls yucking it up. Portraits (Miao Minority III) Photo: Portraits of Miao Minority girls. Misty Morning (Caldera I) Photo: Wind sweeps mist from the edge of town into Mt. Bromo's Caldera.
Cones (Caldera II) Photo: The three active volcanoes of Mt. Bromo. Streaked (Caldera III) Photo: A plume of hot gas exits one of the volcanoes at Mount Bromo. Victorians Photo: Typical San Francisco architecture. Pier & Pyramid Photo: The Transamerica Building located in the financial district of downtown San Francisco.
Traditional Vest Photo: A young Mongolian boy dressed in ceremonial garb. Day At The Office Photo: A crocodile lurks while the locals go about their daily business. String Lighting Photo: The nighttime reflection of a pagoda in the Li River of Fenghuang. River Flames Photo: A Li River tradition, purchased floating candles are launched down the river in Fenghuang.
Tree Light Photo: The KLCC mall at night, tastefully lighted, including each individual fountain stream. Beach Light Show Photo: Pattaya beach & resting songthaew (boats) partially illuminated by a bolt of lightning.  Of course this isn't the infamous Pattaya, a few hours from Bangkok.  It's a Pattaya beach on the small island paradise in the south of Thailand near Malayasia. Sun Protection Photo: Three women await funeral ceremonies in Tana Toraja, an area where funeral services are lavishly and ritualistically performed.  It's not uncommon for a wealthy family to sacrifice several dozen pigs and several dozen water buffalo over the course of a few days. Golgumbaz Photo: A mausoleum for a deceased Muslim ruler, Mohammed Adil Shah.  His wives, mistress and other members of his family are also entombed within. The second photo shows the textured floor of the Golgumbaz lighted by one of the few windows in the massive interior of the building.
Tunnel Vision Photo: Commuting locals are silhouetted on the main North-South walkway of Old Dali. Lily Pads Photo: A small pavilion is reflected in a pool of water in Old Dali. Turqoise Waters Photo: A travel mate snorkels in the waters of famed Komodo Island, home to the Komodo Dragon and some of the loveliest isolated beaches in all of Indonesia.  
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