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July 2009
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Smoke & Clouds (The Barkhor II) Photo: Jokhang Temple, the religious heart of Old Lhasa.  Pilgrims from all corners of Tibet make their way to Lhasa to circumambulate three times around this temple complex. Tibetan Chic (The Barkhor III) Photo: A modern Tibetan woman navigates the alleyways around the Barkhor area of Lhasa. Plastic Pants (The Barkhor IV) Photo: A young Tibetan woman wanders around the Barkhor among a sea of fellow Tibetans. Rude Awakening Photo: My Gobi dessert tour driver's sleeping accommodation is the emptied back of our versatile Jaman Yos, a Soviet era tank of a van.  I suppose his startled reaction is normal for anyone awoken by a 70-200mm lens pointing at his face.  Luckily he's one of the kindest Mongolians I've met and he didn't want to tear my heart out for the rude awakening.
Produce Pillion Photo: I saw this pair zooming by at the last second so, unfortunately, I only had a split second to dial in an exposure which explains the slow shutter speed and hence a slightly blurry image. Dining Car Photo: A lone dining car manager waits for hungry passengers on an Amtrak train from San Francisco to Vancouver. Prayer Cauldron Photo: Late evening light beautifully illuminates a dark corner of the Tua Peh Kong Chinese Temple in Borneo. Tree Trunk Chili Photo: A chili salesman is selectively lighted through some trees' protective canopy at the old market in Badami.
Miao Beauty (Miao I) Photo: A Miao ethnic minority woman, dressed in traditional festival ornamentation, waits for the beginning of a celebration. Miao Village (Miao II) Photo: Miao ethnic minority women await their part to dance in a local festival. Gameplan  (Miao III) Photo: Miao ethnic minority women meet before a performance for a local festival. Rooftops & Dancing (Miao IV) Photo: Miao ethnic minority women present a dance performance for a local festival.
Sails Photo: A sailboat kite drifts on the winds of Kuta beach in Bali. Curly Photo: A young Balinese girl surveys the scene on her father's lap at Kuta beach in Bali. Passersby (Ratha I) Photo: Each full moon, Brahmins climb aboard the small ratha (chariot) to be pulled down the street by a throng of Gokarna villagers, accompanied by drummers and musicians.  Once a year, during the festival of Shivarathri, Brahmins cram into the large ratha pulled through a swarm of humanity, the likes of which is only typically be seen in India. Wheels (Ratha II) Photo: A woman walks by the wheels of the large ratha (chariot) with a precariously balanced parcel on her head.
Results (Cowboys I) Photo: Rural Mongolia is a nation of horses and cowboys.  Here, cowboys await the results of a recent horse race. Home on the Range (Cowboys II) Photo: Mongolian cowboys on the steppe. U-turn (Cowboys III) Photo: What boys can do, girls can do better. Herculean Effort Photo: A young local strongman attempts to pull a cart filled with passengers.
A Rapid Runs Through It Photo: Early morning fishing near Yangshuo's excess water drainage. Hands & Faces (Legong Dance I) Photo: Performers caught in a moment during a Balinese Legong dance. Kneel (Legong Dance II) Photo: Legong dance performers await the entrance of the good-hearted Borong (a mythical creature in Balinese lore). Tranquil (Water Monster I) Photo: At Lumpini Park in the heart of Bangkok, amongst the rubber ducky paddle boats, danger is lurking...
Amphibious (Water Monster II) Photo: At Lumpini park, several monitor lizards roam the park before and after closing hours.  Luckily, these 2 meter (2 yards) long reptiles are more afraid of us than we are of them despite the appearance of the contrary when a pack of hysterical Thai teens stumbles upon one of these creatures. Steamy Start (Toy Steam Train I) Photo: The Darjeeling toy train, a quaint relic of the era of steam power, starts her engines at the Darjeeling station.  The narrow gauge toy train slowly muscles up and down the hills between Darjeeling and Siliguri, a journey lasting approximately 11 hours. Riveted (Toy Steam Train II) Photo: The side panel displays the name of this particular toy train, "the Himalayan Bird."  At the time of this photographer's visit, I was told there were three narrow-gauge toy trains in operation along the Darjeeling-Siliguri line. Coal Maw (Toy Steam Train III) Photo: A locomotive engineer drops an evenly distributed amount of coal into the lower doors which converts water to steam, giving the narrow gauge train power enough to tackle the Darjeeling hillside.
Crags (Huangshan I) Photo: Weekend warrior retreat, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), offers a glorious natural getaway from the hustle of overcrowded city life.  The views and trekking opportunities are nearly unparalleled in China.  However, avoid the busy weekends or summer months, lest you desire to share your peace of mind with half of Shanghai's population. Pathways (Huangshan II) Photo: Follow the myriad pathways and bridges around Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), for spectacular views of peaks and valleys. Among the Clouds (Huangshan III) Photo: Early morning or late afternoon, chances are high that you'll be enveloped by wispy clouds that roll gently up Huangshan's steep and craggy sides.  
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