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May 2009
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Himalayan Backdrop Photo: People gather for the annual Bandipur Festival featuring rides, shows, food and incredible mountain views. Charity Case (Part I) Photo: The unbearable afternoon heat forced me to find shade at a small mosque where I met this beggar asking mosque goers for spare change.  She saw my camera and asked me for a photo so I one upped her and set up my stand and strobe for a quick modeling session.  The picture was posed but the sentiment is real. Charity Case (Part II) Photo: A beggar woman poses with a mosque wall as background.  The second photo in the series, click "previous day" link to see part 1. Door Decoration Photo: Chairman Mao hangs precariously by a single nail to a rickety door.
Night Life (Part I) Photo: The Soi Patpong for Japanese tourists, massage parlors, clubs, and tea restaurants in this short alley act as thinly disguised fronts for prostitution. Night Life (Part II) Photo: Cars slowly cruise by a street prostitute on the same alley as the previous day's photo. Green Water Photo: The green lake of Kelimutu's three colored volcanic lakes. Two Camels Photo: Sand dunes, hundreds of feet tall.  Find the 2 camels in the photo to realize the scale of these dunes.
Lanterns Photo: An empty street in beautiful Pingyao.  Pingyao is one of the few places in China with preserved traditional Chinese architecture. Open Doors Photo: Suzhou is known for its many well-manicured "gardens" on the estates of the wealthy. Priest & Temple Photo: A young brahman poses in front of the Bhutanatha Temple and water tank in Badami. Flowers (Songkran Festival Part I) Photo: Thai beauties pose for tourist photos after a dance performance at the Royal Grounds in Bangkok.  A showcase of dances from the different parts of Thailand were performed in the evenings during the festival of Songkran.
One With Everybody (Songkran Festival Part II) Photo: Buddhist monks offer prayers celebrating the birth of Buddha which marks the Thai new year celebrated during Songkran. Steps to Enlightenment (Songkran Festival Part III) Photo: The stairs that lead to Doi Suthep temple where hundreds of monks gather annually to pray for the coming Thai new year during the Songkran Festival. Release (Songkran Festival Part IV) Photo: Early morning, followers of Buddhism free birds to celebrate the Thai new year during the Songkran Festival. Foodie Photo: A Chinese man delicately places a morsel of food into his mouth.  Is it just me or does anyone else like the character on the man's face?  He's got the benign appearance of a friendly uncle that makes me want to be friends with him.
Girls in White (Kinabatangan River Part I) Photo: Three young Malaysian children ride the school-boat on the Kinabatangan River after a long day of classes. Jungle Morning (Kinabatangan River Part II) Photo: Morning mist over the banks of the Kinabatangan River. Stones Photo: The Virupaksha Temple (left) in Hampi.  The three elements of this photo (temple, rocks, carvings) sum up Hampi's surroundings in a nutshell. Block Heads Photo: The happy faces of the Bayon complex at Angkor Wat.
Thermals (Machapuchre Part I) Photo: A paraglider drifts in the sky with the Himalayan mountain, Machapuchre, for a backdrop.  The photo was taken from the valley in Pokhara. Clouds (Machapuchre Part II) Photo: A paraglider enjoying the thermals on an overcast day around Machapuchre mountain. Fish Tail (Machapuchre Part III) Photo: The breathtaking peak of Machapuchre (translation: fish tail) mountain.  The peak is visible from nearly anywhere in the area. Himalayas (Machapuchre Part IV) Photo: Machapuchre in the distance, along with several other peaks that make up this particular range of the Himalayas.
Building & Reflection Photo: Tall modern building in Guiyang, typical architecture of all major Chinese cities.  Old hutongs (narrow alley neighborhoods) are often razed in the name of modernizing China. Green Spotlights (Old China I) Photo: The south gate at the picturesque town of old Dali.  The gods answered my prayers by endowing the sky with such beautiful clouds. Observers (Old China II) Photo: Traditional tiled roofs of old Lijiang. Having A Rest Photo: Columned walkway at the old bazaar of Hampi.
Eyes (Legong Dance I) Photo: Coordinated dance with mesmerizingly precise eye movement called the Legong dance.  The dancing is accompanied by an instrument called the gamelan (photo from April 9, 2009). Eyeing (Legong Dance II) Photo: More from the eye movement dance performance called the Legong dance. Clothing Optional Photo: The sun sets on one bikini'd and one "underdressed" sunbather.  
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