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April 2009
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Chores & Karsts Photo: Women scrub laundry along the bank of the river. Encroaching Waves Photo: Small natural pools are slowly filled by the rising tide. Ancient Window Photo: A window in the labyrinthine old section of Varanasi. 20 Yuan Photo: Karst formations litter this area of China but this particular section was so beautiful, it now graces the 20 Yuan note on Chinese currency.
Bathed Hills Photo: Waiting for the annual Maverick's Big Wave Surfing competition. People's Army Photo: Army training at a university in Changsha.  Apparently, it's compulsory for all Chinese college students to undergo some form of military training as part of their first year of school. Sandy Hair Photo: A local Thai boy plays in the soggy sand after the tide has receded. Peaks Photo: Unknown mountain visible from Rangwu located in an area off-limits (as declared by the Chinese government) to foreigners.  I traveled illegally between Yunan, China to Lhasa, Tibet so I tried to maintain a low profile.  As a result, I was unable to ask around for the name of the mountain.  If anyone out there knows this mountain's name, send me an email so I can update this post.
Instrument Photo: A local musical instrument called a gamelon.  It's used here as an accompaniment to the band playing at the Legong dance performance. Lone Admirer Photo: Buddhist carvings at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Luoyang. Priest & Cliffs Photo: A young Brahman poses for a strobed photo near the Badami archeological museum.  This boy Brahman was soon to perform pooja (prayers) for the festival of Shivaratri. Thai Dancer Photo: A dance performance at the Paragon Mall.  On the weekends in Bangkok, a trip to the malls usually offers some form of free entertainment or performance.
Rooftop Dining Photo: Dinner at the State Tower, offering near-360 degree views of Bangkok.  The domed structure houses an indoor restaurant and cocktail lounge. Royal Courtyard Photo: A building in the Forbidden City.  I'd beaten the crowds into the Forbidden City by purchasing a ticket the night before but in an effort to keep my photos people-free, I hastened my workflow to stay one step ahead of the advancing tourists.  As a result, I didn't take notes on the buildings I photographed.  If anyone knows the name of this building, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email. Faces of Gokarna Photo: EDIT: Sorry about that... just saw the flash presentation wasn't loading so I fixed it @ 09/04/16 12:15am Forked Photo: A Komodo Dragon sniffs the air with its tongue.
Under Water Photo: An submerged elephant crosses the river at Chitwan National Park. Cushion & Text Photo: A young Tibetan monk breaks from his chants to organize his prayer sheets. Fire Stick & Necklaces Photo: Part of the famed Kandy Dance performance, a Sri Lankan man "eats" fire.  The performance also includes acrobatics, dancing, plate spinning, and fire walking, all in colorful Sri Lankan traditional dress. Toaster Van Photo: Our tour stops each night to bed down in the Gobi Desert.  Our driver, along with other tours' drivers get together for an evening of booze and laughs.  The vehicle is called a Jaman Yos, a Soviet era van known for its robustness and ease to maintain.
Rooted Photo: The Preah Sambir temple is enshrouded by tree roots at the Sambor Prei Kuk temple complex, halfway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.  This seldom touristed temple complex pre-dates its more famous cousin, the Angkor Wat temple complex.  Many of its designs were later incorporated into some of the temples at Angkor Wat. Hand Gesture (Ramayana Part I) Photo: The Hindu epic, Ramayana, is performed on the (formerly Hindu) island of Java. Glare (Ramayana Part II) Photo: Part 2 of the Hindu epic, Ramayana performance.  Click on the "previous day" link to see part 1 in this themed series of photos. Sita Alone (Ramayana Part III) Photo: Part III of the Hindu epic, Ramayana performance.  Click on the "previous day" links to see part 1 & 2 in this themed series of photos.
Four of a Kind Photo: Ethnic Miao girls yuk it up before their traditional dance practice. Windswept Photo: A Thai M.C. introduces the following performance during the festival of Songkran.  The event takes place on the Royal Grounds.  A tower of the National Palace is faintly visible in the background. Trainspotting Photo: A charismatic young Mongolian girl takes a break from looking out the window. Grassy Puddle (Angkor Wat Temples Part I) Photo: Angkor Wat's silhouette reflected in a pool of rainwater.
Hand Polished  (Angkor Wat Temples Part II) Photo: Carved apsaras in a corner of one of the temples at the Angkor Wat complex.  The apsaras display the unfortunate wear from tourists' wandering hands. Monsoon Rains (Angkor Wat Temples Part III) Photo: From atop Bahkseng temple at the Angkor Wat complex, flash showers are visible dumping out of heavy clouds.    
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