Beast Ballot

June 14, 2011

Campaign Posters For Upcoming Election Featuring Dog In Suit - Bangkok, Thailand - Daily Travel Photos
(Bangkok, Thailand)
f/5.6 ▪ 1/400s ▪ @50mm ▪ ISO200 ▪ Canon 5D ▪ Canon 50mm f/1.4
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Campaign posters for upcoming elections featuring a salivating dog.

Whether these posters are advertising for the upcoming national elections on July 3, I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not voting for either of these nominees, particularly a salivating dog! Instead...

thailand political sign
Monkey Holding Banana Campaign Poster Elections - Bangkok, Thailand - Daily Travel Photos
(Bangkok, Thailand)
f/5 ▪ 1/320s ▪ @50mm ▪ ISO200 ▪ Canon 5D ▪ Canon 50mm f/1.4

A monkey holds a banana in an election campaign poster.

I'm voting for the well dressed monkey that appears to be promising bananas to its electorate!

I asked around and it turns out these animal campaign posters has something to do with a general message to voters urging them to think before they vote and not vote for any animals on the ballot... or something to that effect.

2 Comments - Beast Ballot

1) R. -

Someone went up that abandoned building by the State Tower and put up a couple of gigantic animal banners off the side of the building. Then someone else went up and tore a bunch of holes in them. Whomever that was, I don't think they were big fans.

July 5, 2011
2) TravelGuy -

Dang, that's a lot of step climbing for a silly banner fight!

July 11, 2011