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November 30, 2010

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Panorama Instructions:
Please be patient. Often panoramas consist of many megabytes of stitched photos.
An initial black and white image will be replaced by the full color image when panorama download is complete.
Hold down the left mouse button on the flash object then move the mouse to navigate in any direction.
Press the SHIFT key to zoom in and the CTRL (CMD on Mac) key to zoom out. (Auto-pan starts if the flash object is left untouched.)
User-Controlled Panorama Great Pyramids of Giza - Cairo, Egypt - Daily Travel Photos
(Cairo, Egypt)
f/11 || 1/200s || @20mm || ISO100 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 Embed Code

A series of user-controlled 360° panoramas of the Pyramids at Giza at various points within the necropolis.

For those of you with slow internet connections, I suggest you move on. This panorama series requires quite a bit of bandwidth. After the initial panorama loads, you'll see several clickable points within the pyramids complex. Clicking on any point delivers you to the panorama taken from that point's perspective. There are 5 linked panoramas within this series which should do quite a good job eating up your processor cycles (it is Adobe Flash, after all), RAM, and free time.

This is the last of the pyramids complex from Egypt but I hope for those that are unable to ever reach Egypt in person, this panorama set does a good job of putting the pyramids into a bit of perspective.

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