Critical Mass Mix

May 1, 2011

Beautiful Young Tourist Caught Amidst Critical Mass Bicycle Traffic - San Francisco, California, USA - Daily Travel Photos
(San Francisco, California, USA)
f/2.8 || 1/320s || @200mm || ISO100 || Canon 350D || Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 Embed Code

A beautiful young tourist is suddenly surrounded by "Critical Mass" bicyclists at a Union Square crossing (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2006/07/28).

Oh the typical cloudy, windy, sunless, cold days of San Francisco... I do not miss thee. Despite San Francisco's location in the middle of California, the weather is not remotely close to sunny and pleasant all the time. In fact, it's often rather cold, particularly when the fog rolls in late afternoons, a phenomenon that occurs nearly year-round.

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