Thumbnails - July 2010

July 2010
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Dusk Duel Photo: Two Sikhs show off their sword-play at the Paonta Sahib gurudwara. Wizards of Whirl Photo: A young Sikh showman shows off his martial arts skills with a net-like weapon at the Paonta Sahib gurudwara. Holy Hall Photo: Services at the altar inside the Paonta Sahib Gurudwara. Paonta Percussions Photo: Sikh musicians play during gurudwara services.
Blanketed Blue Photo: Well-dressed Sikh officer at the Paonta Sahib Gurduwara. Indian Style Photo: Large turbaned Sikh leader of the Paonta Sahib Gurudwara. Ladies Night Photo: A local woman idles in front of her traditionally built house. Cold Cutie Photo: A cloaked Indian girl walks outside of a tourist cafe.
Wrapped Worship Photo: Buddhists pray inside a natural-light only monastery. Shawl & Wall Photo: A Buddhist monk stands in a small monastery's courtyard inside the temple complex of Dhankar. Brawn & Wall Photo: A Buddhist monk poses in front of a colorful wall. Mountain Monastery Photo: A monk inside the courtyard of the small monastery built into a cliff opposite the Dhankar monstery.
Midnight Monastery Photo: Buddhist monastery built into the side of a mountain and cliffs. Federation Fireworks Photo: Bastille Day fireworks in a gorgeous lake village in the Alps. Valley View Photo: An ancient church at the foot of the Alps. Church Lights Photo: Bastille Day celebration near the Basilica of the Visitation.
Child's Chores Photo: A young Mongolian boy walks horses around the prarie.  (Archived photos on the weekends.) Blurred Buddhists Photo: Tibetan Buddhists spin prayer wheels at a temple (Archived photos on the weekends). Alps Explosions Photo: Bastille Day fireworks in the Alps. Colorful Canal Photo: One of many picturesque canals that run through the historic old city of Annecy.
Warring Waterbird Photo: A swan wades around a canal in Annecy's historic city center. 'Spensive City Photo: A yellow passenger taxi plies the pristine waters of Lake Geneva as jet d'Eau water fountain shoots into the sky. Flush Fisherman Photo: A Swiss man fishes from a boat dock into Lake Geneva. Circular Square Photo: Midan Talaat Harb square traffic circle in the evening (archived photos on the weekends).
Vertical Angling Photo: A group of Sri Lankan stilt fishermen fish in a rough ocean (archived photos, on the weekends). Mansion Mirage Photo: A castle near the Annecy lake. Deep Leap Photo: French teens jump from a bridge into beautiful Annecy lake. Incarceration Island Photo: Former prison, Palais de L'isle in the historic downtown area of Annecy.
Palatial Prison Photo: The old prison, Palais de L'isle, in the historic downtown of Annecy. Alpine Lake Photo: Annecy's beautiful lake lined by the alps. Bulbous Burial Photo: Golgumbaz, a Mughal mausoleum, burial place of emporer Mohammed Adil Shah (Archive photo, on the weekends).  
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