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December 1, 2011

Watchmaking Demonstration Showing Fine Instruments and Coordination for Fixing Swiss Watches - Geneva, Switzerland - Daily Travel Photos
(Geneva, Switzerland)
f/4 || 1/125s || @50mm || ISO400 || Canon 5D || Canon 50mm f/1.4 Embed Code

A watchmaker demonstrates the meticulous care and concentration required to repair luxury watches at The Watches Day in Geneva.

My conversation with this watchmaker was possibly the most interesting part of The Watches Day. Between my terrible French and his passable English, we were able to form a small bond of communication where he impressed me with unbelievable facts. For example, I was surprised to discover there are universities in Switzerland offering degrees in watchmaking. The guy in the photo studied watchmaking for four years to get to this point. So, since he was a guy smack in the middle of the watch industry, I had to ask what kind of watch he was wearing. I didn't recognize the name but he said it costs "just" CHF 5,000 Swiss Francs (~US$5,500). He informed me that the last watch he worked on creating cost CHF 800,000 (or close to US$900,000)!!!

Micrometer Caliper Measuring a Tiny Swiss Watch Part - Geneva, Switzerland - Daily Travel Photos
(Geneva, Switzerland)
f/2.2 || 1/200s || @50mm || ISO400 || Canon 5D || Canon 50mm f/1.4 Embed Code

A micrometer caliper measures a small rod part for a Swiss watch.

The watchmaker here was working on a part that had to be 10 microns in width. To demonstrate what 10 microns meant in perspective, he proceeded to measure the width of a human hair. That was 6 microns. Absolutely fascinating!

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