Round the Square: SF

October 14, 2011

Panorama Instructions:

Hold down the left mouse button, keyboard arrows, or touchscreen then move to navigate in any direction.

Press the + key, mousewheel up, or pinch on touchscreen to zoom in and - key, mousewheel down, pinch to zoom out.

User-controlled Panorama of Union Square - San Francisco, California, USA - Daily Travel Photos
(San Francisco, California, USA)
f/10 || 1/250s || @17mm || ISO200 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 Embed Code

A user-controlled panorama of Union Square in San Francisco.

Have a poke around the square. It wasn't always as nice as what you see. About 14 years ago, the square was a useless walk-through "garden" of sorts with patchy bits of grass and dirt.

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