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March 02, 2011

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Akino Cute Thai Girl Strobist - Bangkok, Thailand - Daily Travel Photos
(Bangkok, Thailand)
f/5.6 || 1/80s || @200mm || ISO200 || Canon 5D || Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 Embed Code

A Thai girl (and couchsurfing.org member) poses at a photography session in downtown Bangkok.

My apologies for both the brevity of my recent posts and the lack of new photographic material from Bangkok. I've been sick for over a week and extremely busy as of recently, not to mention my 1 month vacation due to the visiting Lady Travelguy. To make matters worse, I'm currently wasting four boring days in Vientiane on a visa run to Laos to acquire a new 2-month visa for Thailand (4-month visa if I'm lucky). When I return from Laos, enshallah, things will return to a normal rhythm and I can get a chance to photograph some new content... enshallah.

asia, bangkok, kino, southeast asia, thailand, tourism, travel
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