Flush Fisherman

July 23, 2010

A Swiss man fishes from a boat dock in Lake Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland - Daily Travel Photos
(Geneva, Switzerland)
f/8 || 1/100s || @20mm || ISO200 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 Embed Code

A Swiss man fishes from a boat dock into Lake Geneva.

I understand this fisherman's dilemma. The unbelievable costs of food products in Geneva has forced this pensioner to rely on the fruit of the sea for life-giving sustenance... Well, not really but that's what I'd do if I were forced to live in Switzerland. Really, US$12 for a Mcdonald's Big Mac value meal?!? Contrary to the USA, you pay an arm and a leg to eat even unhealthy foods in Geneva.

Another photo from my day-trip into Geneva. The number of photos I was able to take was inversely proportional to the weight of the Korean groceries I was forced to lug around for 3+ hours. Put another way, I'll save Geneva photography for another time after my stomach is satisfied with spicy Korean deliciousness.

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