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January 03, 2010

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A beautiful cobbled road in the historic part of town. - Vigan, Philippines - Daily Travel Photos
(Vigan, Philippines)
f/4.5 || 1/160s || @5.8mm || ISO 100 || Canon PowerShot S1 IS || Lens n/a Embed Code

A beautifully paved road in the historic part of Vigan.

If the Spanish did anything good for the Philippines, it was to leave these quaint legacies of colonial rule. It turns out, this section of town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is much smaller than I'd anticipated but beautiful nonetheless.

Much like yesterday's photo, I snapped this image in a 'point & shoot' style with unintentionally stellar results. I'm fairly certain at the time, I knew nothing about the rule of thirds but somehow I dumb lucked into placing the horse & buggies on the third lines.

Part of non-India photo weekends. Tomorrow, we resume our previously scheduled Taj Mahal panorama-rama programming.

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