Riveted (Toy Steam Train II)

July 27, 2009

Side panel of a narrow gauge toy train. - Darjeeling, West Bengal, India - Daily Travel Photos
(Darjeeling, West Bengal, India)
f/2.5 || 1/60s || @50mm || ISO200 || Canon 5D || Canon 50mm f/1.4

The side panel displays the name of this particular toy train, "the Himalayan Bird." At the time of this photographer's visit, I was told there were three narrow-gauge toy trains in operation along the Darjeeling-Siliguri line.

If anyone out there knows what "N.F." stands for, drop me a line.

3 Comments - Riveted (Toy Steam Train II)

1) Steven Huang -

NF = "Northeast Frontier"

July 29, 2009
2) TravelGuy -

xie xie, mon frere.

August 2, 2009
3) sandeep kumar -

N F stands for Northeast Frontier. If u you need more info on this train and other, visit the site http://www.dhr.in/

August 9, 2009