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September 16, 2009

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Silk Falls Waterfall Mountain - Seoraksan, South Korea - Daily Travel Photos
(Seoraksan, South Korea)
f/16 || 1/5s || @26mm || ISO50 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 Embed Code

The sunset's glow bathes the western face of a nearby peak at Seoraksan (소락산). You can see by the leaves that they are on the cusp of achieving autumn cliche status. When the leaves finally change colors, Seoraksan is overflowing with more professionally geared trekkers than Everest base camp.

This is another photo composite from day one of the journey. I'm walking in a valley at around 5pm so there's very little direct light within the valley itself. One long exposure shot to expose for the dark area and another quicker exposure to expose for the sky and face of the mountain. The two images were combined in photoshop.

I'm curious which Seoraksan photo you guys like better: today's picture or yesterday's. Sound off in the comments if you have a minute.

See a smaller version on Flickr.

multiple image composite waterfall forest
3 COMMENTS - Silk Falls
1) Travelling Lost -

Definetly, I prefer this one. The other one seems to be a lot simpler, lifeless, and this is vivid and sparkling. Like it.

September 17, 2009 05:26 AM
2) Kim -

I love both of them. The light seems better in today's, although I really appreciate the water in the foreground of yesterday's photo. Thank you for each and every day of these images.

September 17, 2009 09:43 AM
3) TravelGuy -

Thanks for your feedback! You're right, "Travelling Lost", yesterday's image was very metallic and lifeless. Perhaps I could've revived it a bit by photoshopping the valley a bit more.

Kim, in a perfect world, I can combine that stream with a clear view of the mountain peak. The stream is what I liked about yesterday's photo also.

September 18, 2009 10:26 PM

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